Besides traditional journalism, I regularly engage in conceptional projects and strategic designs. Here are some of my more recent works.

Human-centered Storytelling

Design Thinking has become a major buzzword in the last few years. It is clear that Design Thinking is not the solution for everything. However, as a human-centered framework that “integrates the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success” (Tim Brown), Design Thinking may provide a useful process for public-powered journalism.

I researched the opportunities for Design Thinking in journalism for a paper at Hyper Island and created a framework for a human-centered storytelling approach.

A summarized article about the report with all the relevant information can be read here.

Online Commenting

The stories we tell on Blick.ch always spark intense discussions. In 2018, we reshaped our approach to online comments. The change in our mindset led to an increase in quantity and quality within our comment sections.

I wrote a report on our approach for our developer blog Blick.log(). Read it here.