Work Notes #9

Since I just arrived on Monday from my trip to Vienna, the week started on Tuesday. But it was an intense one.

While we’re still waiting on some final decisions on project Diamond, I’ve finished the short pitches for Media Innovation and started to work on a new longterm project. From now on, I’ll refer to this project as Liquid.

On Thursday, I’d my first appearance on Blick TV. We’ve asked our community to send us their questions about the ongoing Coronavirus crisis. We’ve asked the submitted questions to a panel of medical experts. I’ve been there to give some insights into the community’s queries, comments, and the development of people’s attitudes during the epidemic.

Behind the scenes of Blick TV with Pascal Scheiber. Photo: Thomas Benkö

Overall, there have been many short meetings that didn’t lead to significant progress in any of the projects. Sometimes this situation might seem frustrating. However, I was relieved because I still have some other concerns in my mind.

Although I inherently believe that change is an opportunity, still, I’m not too fond of uncertainty. And I think no one is really. Here’s the thing: I suspect some changes are coming towards me in the next weeks. Actually, I’m fairly certain about it. 

What bothers me isn’t the change bound to happen but the lack of inclusion. I don’t know what the plan is nor how significant the change is going to be. Therefore, I cannot prepare at all.

Of course, I’ve started to map out some possible scenarios to get ahead of the changes, or at least define some of the issues each situation would raise. 

On the other hand, I feel oddly relaxed about all of it. Maybe that’s because I’m an optimist, and I cannot help it. Or – more worrying – because I just don’t care enough.

This week, I learned (again)…

  • … that patience is a virtue and a blessing. You can’t expect rapid progress all the time. Instead of getting annoyed, I should enjoy these slow moments. Stressful times are always coming around again.
  • … that it’s easier to talk openly about some personal issues with people that share your mindset. I should be more proactive in reaching out to those people because they understand me and know which support may be helpful.