Work Notes #8

It’s been another quite shorter week than usual since I took an overnight train to Vienna on Thursday. This time, the trip is pure leisure.

In the four days, a lot happened around the projects Blick TV and Diamond. I was reading again through all the feedback we had on the launch of the TV, compiling it to an extensive report. This second, more distant look on the sometimes hateful comments and feedback emails, was much more relaxed than the immediate engagement last week. It’s often the unhappy ones, the disagreeing voices that tend to be particularly outspoken about their discontent.

For Diamond, I created two new project parts. However, I don’t see them adding a lot of value to the project because they either attract the wrong audience or require a lot of personnel resources.

Some ideas around Commenting are also included in Diamond. Of course, I tend to focus more on those features. These ideas have some dependencies with decisions that have to be made by other stakeholders. One initial decision frustrated me – not to say left me outright disappointed and angry. I thrived in that anger, reacted, and decided in a somewhat childish fashion. 

Luckily, this state of mind lasted only one day. I started to reflect on my behavior and what the decision may have influenced. Then I realized that I might not have made a convincing enough case. Also, I empathized with the decision-makers, taking their perspective to understand their reasoning – and I started to understand.

This week, I learned (again)…

  • that it’s easy to get angry and offended. In these cases, it’s better to take a deep breath and start to think: Why exactly am I mad? What has this anger to do with me or my previous actions? Embrace empathy instead of irrationality.
  • that it’s always better to meet in person to talk about issues. It’s tough to empathize via email.