Work Notes #7

To recap this week, I need three words: Hate, stress, and inspiration.

On Monday, we finally launched Blick TV. It’s one of the most significant investments in journalism in the last few years in Switzerland. The Community team was responsible for managing user feedback. We received over 700 emails and about 400 comments on several articles covering the launch.

There are always some critical voices. However, I was staggered by the amount of negativity and hate that washed over us. Even on the first day, people reacted in hateful ways. There seems to be no nuance, no patience, no room for articulated arguments. Although I know that these reactions originate from a minority of our users, it got depressing over time. Imagine, you have to read this written hate for days.

Screenshot of our feedback format.

Nevertheless, we’ve also broadcasted four feedback talks. The people responsible for Blick TV reacted to the user’s feedback. And I’m glad that we had the opportunity to include this community format from the very beginning of this new digital channel. No matter how much hate may spam your inbox, there are legitimate questions and suggestions by users that need to be heard.

So, between managing feedback and the team, there were also several meetings for project Diamond and a kickstart for another project I’ll refer to as Innovation Research in the future. Balancing these three tasks is an enormous and stressful challenge.

Moreover, it feels not quite satisfying since I always have to switch thought processes. In the end, I don’t have enough time and energy for either of these tasks.

Always an inspiring pleasure: Hyper Island.

I was happy that I could escape all of this when I flew to London for another weekend at Hyper Island. The module around business transformation started.

Feeling pretty exhausted by the intense workdays, I tried my best to stay focused. Thankfully, the talks are always inspiring. The tools the speakers provided will help me to spark conversations as well as to manage certain developments in my workplaces.

This week, I learned (again)…

  • that I’ve to focus more on analysis to improve and sharpen my storytelling for pitches.
  • that some people are just hateful, no matter what. And that I should feel sorry for them instead of getting angry.
  • that, in the end, even a mess like business transformation is all about people, their relationships, and communication.