Work Notes #4

It has been – once again – a busy week, and I feel pretty tired right now. 

First, I had to finish up my research activity on digital technologies for my Hyper Island master. Although I enjoyed getting back into the video format, I’m not satisfied with the outcome at all.

Workwise, it was an intense week because my co-worker had been ill, and the intern took some vacation days. With the daily duties and many meetings on the projects Diamond and Dialogue, there’s been little time to reflect.

While progress on project Diamond wasn’t particularly impressive for my topics, there has been a long-awaited improvement in our comment section. Finally, we’re able to discuss with our users because our accounts are specially labeled.

This improvement was long overdue. But before we can kickstart the use of it, we’ve to wait until the next update of our apps to include the labels there aswell.

Listen more, ask more

Probably the most challenging situation this week has been talking to a colleague about her departure. She felt not welcome anymore in the group and told me about particular circumstances that made her uncomfortable.

As the leader of that group, I was glad that I didn’t provoke these situations. However, I realized that I have to listen and ask even more actively about the well-being of the group members. And I will have to address the situations mentioned by the colleague. Doing so will not be a pleasant task but a necessary one.