Work Notes #37

Today’s edition marks the first anniversary of the work notes. Reflecting on this idea, which was inspired by Tom Armitage, I was enthusiastic at the beginning. 

However, there were weeks where the outlook on writing the notes quite exhausting. Sometimes, I did not have any particular event or progress to reflect on and nothing to report. In these cases, the work notes were a pain in the – pardon my French – ass.

Nevertheless, I’m still convinced that there are many benefits to taking some time for a personal reflection. I will need to think about these work notes’ future, maybe mixing up the format to keep myself engaged for the second year.


Looking back at the past few days, my week was dominated by newsletters. First, I finally could start with the so-called IP warm-up process as we’re switching to a new mail service provider for Blick’s newsletters. Although this meant getting up around 5 am each morning – including this weekend –, it also meant that we arrived at the end of the implementation.

The newsletter project was a big thorn in my side for the last six months. There were many delays, some within, some out of my control. But now, I’m relieved to get this off my back for a while.

As the project was also a perfect example of a wrong setup, we will come together and reflect on the issues. We might not change the past, but if we learn something for future endeavors, it was worth it anyway.

To top off the newsletter week at Blick, I gained a lot of insights into how publishers handle their newsletter by the presentation of a co-worker who did a trend report on the subject.

Besides the work-related newsletter focus, I also sent out a concise issue of DigitalThought, my personal email. And I curated the next edition of Weekly5 about which I wrote last week.

A new year, a new role

This week, I also signed a new contract. I’ll be switching into a new role and position soon. I cannot go into more detail at the moment, but it will be a new and exciting challenge. The crazy thing: It will also be my third position at Blick in three years.