Work Notes #36

The first Monday of 2021 marked an excellent start to the year: A visit to the hospital revealed that one of my two injured fingers was almost fully recovered. Although the finger is still quite sensitive, I finally can type on a keyboard again. The other finger needs probably one or two more weeks to get freed from the bandage.

After one month of downtime, I’m excited to get back in the game. Many exciting things are happening at work. First, I can finally finish up the newsletter project: Next week, we’re switching the mail service provider. It brings along some intense tasks, so there are going to be a couple of long days.

Newsletters have been the red thread of this week. Reflecting on the past year, I realized that I miss discovering new music. After I folded Negative White, the online magazine I founded in 2010, my playlists remained pretty much frozen. The conclusion arose that I need to dedicate some time to find new songs.

However, if I’m going to invest that time, why shouldn’t I share it with the world? That’s why I brought back Weekly5, a weekly newsletter with five new songs each Sunday.

If you’re someone that enjoys listening to fresh tunes as much as I do, I’m happy to welcome you. Subscribe here.

The newsletter already gained 100 subscribers, which is significantly more than before in the Negative Whit era. I feel very honored that people trust me to curate music for them and are willing to spend a portion of their precious time on my selections.