Work Notes #35

2020 sends its last farewell. I think we can agree that it‘s been quite a challenging year. For me, the finishing touch has been an accident on the 30th of November. It‘s been my first accident ever.

I slipped on the stairs, tried to hold myself on the trapdoor. Unfortunately, it fell down as well and slammed down on two of my right hand‘s fingertips. They were cut off instantly. The paramedic found them sticking to the door…

Now, I‘m unable to type for at least six more weeks. Therefore, the only device I can adequately use to write is the smartphone. For now, I‘m stuck in video calls.

Besides the inability to work, I‘m also unable to finish my Industry Research Project for Hyper Island. That‘s by far the most annoying effect of the situation. 2020 ends with a proper lockdown for me.

On the other hand (pun intended), it could have gone way worse. The human body is a fascinating thing: The tips will grow back, but it takes time. As far as I can tell, there‘ll be no lasting effects or limitations. So, there’s basically not much to complain about.

This situation forced me to slow down, and I use the time to reflect and read. These things often fall short in my usual life. Every change is an opportunity.

Yes, I’m a hopeless optimist.