Work Notes #34

«This is the end, beautiful friend,» The Doors once sang.

My Hyper Island journey has almost ended, except for a little thing called Industry Research Project. Despite the hopes that thanks to a new date, we would finally meet again, the Wrap-Up days still had to take place remotely. It was two emotional days filled with memories, reflection, and gratitude.

I remembered an exercise we did at the beginning. Everyone drew three experiences that shaped them significantly. Today, after this journey, I’m not sure which of my moments wouldn’t make it again, but one thing is for sure: Hyper Island will definitely be there.

On Friday, we read the letter we wrote to ourselves. Here’s a part of mine:

Probably you’ve quite changed now; maybe we can’t even fully recognize each other anymore because you embarked on that journey to transform yourself. To be a better version of yourself; open-minded, good-spirited, empathetic, forgiving, challenging and always learning.

Reading my letter, I realized that I’d got so far. At the same time, it wouldn’t have been possible without all these incredible people in the class. I’m incredibly thankful and humbled to have spent a meaningful part of my life with them. In fact, they’ve made it meaningful. And, ultimately, they are the ones who made me a better person.

So, I refuse to believe that this is the end. We will see each other again, crash each other’s places – or at least the next. This is not the end, beautiful friends.