Work Notes #32

This week, I enjoyed a couple of learning experiences. It’s always a more fulfilling work environment when I can share and receive knowledge throughout the organization.

I learned about the WSJF (Weighted Shortest Job First) method in the product and project team. Although it only was a trial session, I loved the approach. I will probably use it to prioritize tasks within my own projects.

On Thursday, I again took part in our regular user test sessions. This time around, it was a regular user of, who has also written some comments. The insights that these interviews provide are immensely valuable. More often than not, I’m surprised by their thoughts and behaviors.

In terms of projects, there weren’t many things going on – at least in my responsibility. However, we could deploy some new stuff.


At the moment, the developers are working on the first iteration of our UX improvements. On Wednesday, we deployed a very basic change to our video-only teasers as well as the video sections on the website.

These minor first steps are the journey towards a more distinct experience for our growing video content.


Also, out of my hands is developing certain integrations, we need to switch towards the new mail service provider. However, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. At least, I hope so.


This week, I updated our discussion guidelines to resemble more a FAQ than a set of laws. And I also discussed with the product manager of our login solution how we could integrate these rules in the registration process and the profile page.

On Friday evening, I traveled to Berne to take part in a student project. It was a very spontaneous assignment, and first, I wasn’t motivated when the students approached me the day before. Almost four hours of traveling time for a 45-minute live stream…

In the end, I had some empathy for the students and said yes. Actually, they should have been visiting Berlin this week. But Covid-19 killed the plan. So they had a week to create a live-streamed talk about the future of media. What a challenge!

Although they’ve never created an event like this, I was deeply impressed by their passion. They were nervous, and not everything went smoothly. But I felt very comfortable. Thanks to the Caipimedia crew for having me.