Work Notes #31

The past week has been shorter since I had to compensate for my weekend shift on Monday. However, it came with an intense schedule of meetings around projects.

I particularly enjoyed writing an insight report on engagement and newsletters and the impact they might have on the news project I mentioned last week. Additionally, I discussed the report with the project managers, which was a fruitful and delightful occasion.

On the other hand, my current projects haven’t seen much progress. Since project Diamond is officially closed, the full-fledged integration of Hearken is changing to a maintenance task. And further technical issues are blocking the progress on the newsletter project.


However, Dialogue saw some new conception: I sat down with our data science unit that already provides an algorithm to help moderate our site’s discussions. We discussed possible ways to improve their service as the number of user contributions has steadily increased over the past few months. We want to improve the algorithm during the first two quarters of 2021.

On Friday, I participated as an interview guest at the Zurich University of Arts. It was an intense two-hour session, but also an interesting and challenging one. It definitely provoked some thoughts around audience-driven journalism, freedom of speech, and transparency. 

I love getting out of the typical journalistic bubble into spaces where different mindsets are around. It always helps to shift perspectives.