Work Notes #30

I’ve dedicated the first two weeks of October to plow on with my master thesis for Hyper Island. So, this note is going to be a recap of three weeks.

As expected, I didn’t manage to get as much done as I hoped. However, the time-consuming literature review is done for the most part.

Luckily, I could also use what I learned from academic sources in my work. I’ve got the chance to contribute insights around community engagement, trust, and newsletters for a new project. Although I cannot share any details on this, let me tell you: It’s an exciting opportunity.

Also, I dedicated my latest personal newsletter to the topic of media trust.

Working from home again

As the number of Covid-19 cases is rising like crazy, I will spend more days working from home. During my holidays, my office at home got a fresh coat of paint.

Since I had to move all the furniture out and back in, I took the chance to re-organize the layout a bit.

My office is sporting two tables to effectively separate work and leisure: one for work and one for gaming.

In the last work notes, I cleaned up the project list to get a better overview. This week, I managed to make some progress in almost all of them.


In Spring, we introduced Hearken to the newsroom. However, the integration is flawed, and their forms won’t show in our Android app. The full-fledged integration is now finally on the roadmap. 

Hopefully, we manage to get it done by the end of October. After that, my responsibilities in the project Diamond are over.


The developers made some minor improvements in the commenting functionality. They enlarged the clickable container for our reactions and killed a bug that triggered some comments to be shown twice.


Honestly, the provider switch is a pain in the ass. This project takes x-times longer than I even dreaded. Now, months later, we’re finally approaching a testable environment.

Even after three weeks, my daily work’s biggest issue remains the same: Managing two major tasks at once. I feel that I cannot fulfill the roles of Head of Community and Product Manager simultaneously. I especially feel bad for the Community team as I take away resources that should go towards content. I hope that this situation will be resolved soon.

As for this week’s learnings: I need to force myself more towards a focus. This notion isn’t particularly referring to the situation mentioned above but more to tasks within both roles. There are a lot of things distracting me, and I need to eliminate them quickly.