Work Notes #3

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans,” John Lennon once said. This quote fits perfectly with the past week.

Initially, I planned to take Monday to Wednesday off to work on my research activity for Hyper Island but ended up in the newsroom anyway. I had to attend two workshops around the project Diamond.

Usually, I’d say: Forget it, I’m off. But since the workshops were crucial to further the development, I had to change my plans.

Change is an opportunity.


It might seem not very pleasant, but this situation demonstrates that modern-day work environments require a lot of flexibility. Also, the progress I accomplished for my research activity allowed me to be quite relaxed about the additional workload.

Progress was also made on the project Dialogue. We’re integrating incremental improvements to our commenting system as well as the user experience on the website. I’m excited about the upcoming features, but – unfortunately – I cannot share them at the moment.

What I can share is our new podcast, called Durchblick. We’re gathering the burning questions of our readers around scientific topics and choose the best ones to answer. If you want to know more about it, you should read this article in German.

This week, I learned (again)…

  • that I need to have enough resources to fulfill every task the best I can. I’m constantly switching between content creation, strategic decisions, and project management. But neither of those tasks – especially strategy and projects – have a dedicated timeslot in my schedule. That’s a problem I’ll have to solve in the next few weeks.
  • that complaining is not helpful at all. Every problem is a challenge that teaches me a lesson – about myself or the people around me.
  • that surprises – good or bad – are an opportunity to change behavior for the better.