Work Notes #28

After two very intense, and to be honest, quite stressful weeks, I enjoyed some more quiet days. Still recovering from the cold, I was happy to have one day off on Monday that allowed me to read through some academic paper for my master thesis.

On Tuesday, I spent the day in Lucerne at the MAZ, and I gave my lecture on digital journalism. I always love to lead these courses as it’s also an opportunity for me to learn and understand other media organizations’ struggles.

Workwise, I finally managed to start creating the backlog for 2021. As Community, or better: commenting, has a dedicated budget for development next year, I can start sketching some ideas. I’m looking forward to iterating on our existing infrastructure and features.

And finally, this week also provided two opportunities to inform internally and externally about online comments. On Wednesday, I was invited to “Feed Your Mind” – a half-hour web session where I could tell people from different companies within Ringier about our approach and challenges. And on Thursday, my op-ed about online comments got published on If you’re interested in reading it, follow this link.