Work Notes #27

Last week’s exhausting schedule took a toll this week: I got sick. Fortunately, it wasn’t Covid-19. However, I couldn’t get the rest I would have needed. The stress continued.

I can’t go into any details about the causes, but it definitely stopped being funny at all. Personally, I went from highly engaged to disappointed and arrived at a point where I just stopped caring. In hindsight, it was a picturebook of all bad things happening at once: exaggerated expectations, miscommunication, and – at last – panicked reactions.

My fundamental ambition is that I want to help people: to tell stories, to create a better product, a more excellent experience. However, I learned that I had a maximum capacity of goodwill, which got exhausted this week. In my everyday work, I never do something just to further my agenda or gain any leverage. Knowing that this might sound naive, it’s merely my approach. I firmly believe too much energy and time is wasted in companies with sneaky behavior that serves no purpose but to avoid any personal repercussions. I don’t want to play that game.

I hope that the crisis that was about to unfold on Friday is resolved, and we continue to have a constructive dialogue about the mistakes that happened. I hope that everybody involved – including myself – take this opportunity to learn something about processes, each other, but first and foremost about ourselves.

To end this rather dire work note on a positive ring: I finally managed to continue the academic research for my Industry Research Paper for Hyper Island.