Work Notes #26

After two weeks of holidays, everyday work-life kicked back in hard. It’s been five long and exhaustive days that vanished the relaxing effect immediately.

I managed to get started with my Industry Research Project for Hyper Island despite the holidays. The first call with my supervisor was very productive. Now, I have to find time to dive deeper into academic research. However, after this week, I feel that I have to take days off to focus on the tasks ahead. 

The most significant success in the last couple of days were the new features we developed for project Diamond. Finally, we could deploy new reactions for our commenting functionality. The rollout of these features marks somewhat the end of my part in the project. Here’s an overview of the new things we released.

There’s always a lot of catching up to do after the holidays: many meetings to attend, many calls to make. I led a Team Canvas workshop for our project and product team, called for an alignment meeting for our newsletter project, and had some HR stuff to do for the community team.

Anyway, the most stressful experience was a special TV feature around an upcoming referendum. I was in charge of a user voting, and we got flooded with bots and scripts that led to confusing results. A small shitstorm on Twitter followed that kept me up at night. Now, I’m working together with Hearken to improve their voting functionality.