Work Notes #24

We’re in the middle of the summer holiday season. Many colleagues are out of office; however, work continues anyway. 

My biggest accomplishment in the last three weeks was certainly finishing my Short Specialisation Project for my master’s at Hyper Island. This project is a quick dip into the subject I’d like to cover for the master thesis. I decided to tackle the issue of decreasing trust in journalism. At first, I was very anxious about the paper. I didn’t know where to start and didn’t feel motivated at all. 

With the deadline rapidly approaching, I had to pick myself up. I learned that a change of scenery always helps to refocus. Also, I had a long call with a fellow student (Thanks, Pilu!) about our projects. Up in the Swiss mountains, I finally progressed. The best thing about it was: I started to enjoy the process, even academic research, usually my least favorite part. I’m quite excited to start with the Industry Research Project, as the master thesis is called at Hyper Island.

Discussions and Development

In the last few weeks, we’ve also discussed a variety of topics at Blick. As the website’s product manager, I gain much more insight into what’s coming up in the next few quarters. On the one hand, it is exciting to see further down the road, but sometimes it’s scary. There’s going to be a ton of work. Nevertheless, I enjoy being part of the discussions about teams, strategy, and culture.

And finally, we see some progress in project Diamond. We’re going to unveil the first feature next week.