Work Notes #23

In the past two weeks, since I last published my work notes, many things happened. First and foremost, I got promoted to product manager for On the one hand, it is a tremendous honor that leadership has faith in my abilities. On the other, it is also a big challenge since I’m also keeping my position as Head of Community. So, my main worry is to balance these two tasks. I especially don’t want my team to feel abandoned.

We’re building the processes, templates, and ways of working for the entirely new department for project management and product development. It is an exciting task that reveals pain points all the time, small and big, that need our attention. We also need to think about culture and strategy, which I find to be a challenging but essential debate.

I was thrilled to invite a former Hyper Island student and expert in product development over. He gave us some inspiration and pointers on how we could tweak our current setup. Also, most importantly, he gave us his view on the most critical factors in product development.

Furthermore, we could finally get moving forward with the commenting features within the project Diamond. A new developer started who will be mainly working on those features. I’m confident that in a few weeks, I may present some new features to a broader audience.