Work Notes #22

It’s been a couple of weeks now, that I don’t have to deal with my past project, Negative White. It’s been a more significant relief than I thought, especially because I got a glimpse of what’s coming towards us in the last few days.

This week was shaped around our UX project. A first deadline awaited on Friday. It’s a project that I’m a little bit dissatisfied because of the current process. However, the fact that we still came up with some exciting ideas makes it worthwhile. Honestly, I cannot wait to get into more sophisticated ideation and prototyping phase. Of course, there will be some tough negotiations about some aspects; nevertheless, I love the creative collaboration we see among the teams already.

But the moments that stuck in my mind happened outside of work, although they are still kind of work-related. On Wednesday, I attended the ‘Hyper Beer’, the Swiss meet-up of Hyper Island students and alumni. I had some intriguing conversations about the cultural transformation and the real-world application of tools we learned at Hyper Island. The talks sparked ideas I want to explore further in the coming weeks and months.

On Thursday, I spoke with a colleague from Vienna. I met him last year when I visited his workplace to learn more about their community work. Now, he will start his Hyper Island journey in September. We caught up not only about the study but also the job, and I hope, learned again from each other’s approaches. The 45 minutes scheduled turned into 90.

This week, I learned (again):

  • Focusing on the positive will help me and the people around me to form a creative environment. Yes, we still need to deal with flaws, but it all comes down to the mindset: Analysing the good and bad aspects of a project through a constructive lens will result in a better process.
  • Sharing is caring. How different the work environments might be, there’s always something for me to learn, even when people want to learn something from me.