Work Notes #2

I’ve been thinking about the idea of these notes a bit more. Here’s the thing with my everyday work: Often, it’s invisible. I’m attending meetings, developing concepts, making decisions on articles or projects. These notes force me to reflect on the work done and what I learned while doing it.

So, what have I been up to this week? My calendar doesn’t give away, how much was going on from Monday to Wednesday. There were a lot of informal discussions, stand-ins, and spontaneous meetings.

The Big Ones

With Blick TV starting soon, we had to find a solution on how to manage the user’s feedback efficiently. It’s been a challenge because of the size of the Community team. We had to allocate additional resources to be prepared.

Another big topic this year will be the project Diamond. Some Swiss publisher decided together that they will enforce a mandatory registration to read their content. Now, we’re figuring out how we can get as many users to register voluntarily until the date x because we’d like to avoid a drop in traffic.
Diamond is challenging but exciting as well. It lets us think about what value we could bring to the public, the best user experience for the registrations, and new features. Because the Community team can help to create more reasons to register, I’m heavily involved in this project alongside IT, business development, and marketing.

The Small Steps

I’ve followed up on a new tool I’d like to integrate into our workflow. This project started back in 2019, but I wasn’t able to pursue it until now. I’m relieved that we’re making good progress again. The tool will enable us to create more stories with the Human-centered Storytelling framework.

Also, I could push some improvements to our commenting system forward. Together with our UX designer and the developers, we’re tackling incremental enhancements for our moderators as well as the users.
First, I’d planned to pack the whole commenting improvements together in a project. However, I learned it’s a better approach to further our ideas in a more agile way. From now on, I’ll refer to these improvements as project Dialogue.

On Wednesday evening, I got some pretty exciting news about the future of my team. I cannot share them at the moment. But I’m optimistic about this year’s development of the entire Community team.

Kickstarting the next research activity.

Finally, I started with my next research activity for Hyper Island. I had some trouble finding a promising idea to prototype, but now I’m up and running. Since I’ve to deliver the paper in a 15-minute long video, I had to start with a tight structure. Now, I’m filling it with content, reading a lot of different source material. And I began sketching out the prototype.

Between all those tasks, I cleaned up the Monday board of Negative White to get ahead of a busy concert season.

This Week, I learned (again)…

  • that honesty is important if you want to succeed. I only got more resources because I was honest about our workload. If you’re constantly trying to make ends meet, no one will care if it’s actually too much.
  • to trust my gut even under pressure. I’ve been stressed out because I didn’t start with my research activity for a long time. Now, with a good idea, I feel confident and motivated. I’ve to build on that confidence about my notions.
  • that sharing is caring. If I’m open about my feelings – good or bad – others will open up too. It creates a more trusting, understanding culture whether it’s in my personal or work environment.