Work Notes #19

It’s been a week that I spent entirely back in the newsroom because I had to onboard a new team member. At the same time, another colleague had the week off. That’s why it’s been an energy-draining week: managing the team, introducing the new co-worker, and juggling projects and calls simultaneously – that’s a bit much.

I didn’t expect to be that exhausted after the workdays. Maybe it’s because of the multiple responsibilities I had, or perhaps, because of the weirdness of being back in the newsroom. Although most of the staff is still working from home, it’s more peaceful and quiet at home.

Nevertheless, today, the executives also announced to loosen the home office policy. From the 15th, we’re up to 50 percent of the staff. It will be quite an overwhelming change after about three months.

At least, I’ve also seen some progress in these last couple of days. We were working on some features for our commenting functionality. And we’ve launched a new UX project that aims to improve the overall user experience in an agile, iterative way. I lead the part of this project that seeks to look at the article level. We’re going to question existing things as well as come up with new ideas and approaches. I’m pretty excited about this project, although it will be challenging to work with several stakeholders, while some of them will still be working remotely.

This week, I learned (again)…

  • that too much on you’re plate isn’t a good setup for being effective and creative. Stress is a killer for a productive work environment.
  • that, if times are stressful, I have to take extra care of myself in terms of free time and focusing on positivity.
  • that I have to be move reasonable and go to bed earlier.