Work Notes #16

This week went by, rushing like a bullet train. But then, I had a lot on my plate. First and foremost, the interviews with four applicants for our open position were demanding. However, I had the chance to talk to interesting people – some even with the desired mindset. The next round starts in a couple of days. I hope that I can fill the position as soon as possible that we can tackle new projects with full force in June.

Besides the whole HR stuff, I was absorbed by the comment section on I broke a new comment moderator into our team, helping him set up his accounts and showing him our workflow.

I’ve also had to come up with a variety of solutions to tackle the increasing volume of incoming comments. With the Covid-19 crisis, the numbers went up drastically, and I had to come up with different ways to approach the subject. Fortunately, despite the current financial situation, the management level might commit to implementing some of the solutions.

And to finish off the comments-driven week, I published an article on the comment sections on our developer blog on Medium.