Work Notes #15

It was a week of reflection, progress, success, and one disappointment.

Let’s begin with the only negative aspect of the past few days. The community team is part of the Google News Initiative Fellowship. We’re providing a two-month fellowship in our department. One of the two applicants seems very lazy about the whole process. It took her multiple days to answer my question when she’d be free for a video-call. And then, she didn’t even appear. However, we have a second applicant, so there’s no need to wallow. 

Apart from these single disappointing event, it’s been a productive week. I’ve finally managed to complete the first draft of a concept on creating a new revenue stream around community content. The paper got great feedback. Now, I plan to reach out to some other outlets in our company. They might have different approaches to the subject, and we might collaborate to create new opportunities.

Last week, I encouraged my team members to think about the future. What insights and structures to our workflow should we keep when the home office era finally comes to an end?

On Wednesday, at our weekly meeting, we’ve had a reflection session. We realized that we’ve managed to create a transparent communication within the team that we want to continue.

Further, we found that we pay more attention to the personal wellbeing of others. In the past few months, we took the time to talk more about feelings, about doubts we may have. We agreed that this is something that we all appreciate. Psychological safety is the foundation of trust.

In the past few work notes, I’ve never mentioned my hobby, the online magazine that I’m running besides everything else. Since there’s not much going on, I could get administrative work done that has been abandoned for some time. Of course, we can’t report on concerts at the moment. The festival summer also has been canceled. Nevertheless, I still curate the ‘Weekly5’ every Saturday, a playlist, and a newsletter where I recommend five new songs. If you’re into discovering fresh music, I’m happy if you would check it out.

This week, I learned (again)…

  • that creating a trusting team takes time. But eventually, you get to a point where you suddenly realized that it has happened. Even without some forced and weird team-building measures like escape rooms.
  • that I shouldn’t bother too much about people that show no interest. Instead, I should give my time and energy to those who are eager to learn and grow. Because it’s them that provide me with an opportunity to learn.