Work Notes #13

After two weeks of holidays, I’m back at work. Therefore, there will be new work notes again [insert cheer noises here].

First, I’ve to admit that it was quite hard to get back into the working mindset again. Whenever I’ve time off, I’m either abroad or at least somewhere but home. Or I’m staying home doing just about nothing. Usually, it’s easy to start working again. As soon as I step in the newsroom, I’m back in action. However, still forced to work from home, it’s quite a big challenge.

The last as well as this week, I had to finish my research activity in business transformation for Hyper Island. I’ve never been so close to the deadline before as with this one. At first, I struggled to find a topic, then with motivation. In the end, I’ve done something at least, but I’m not fully satisfied. The whole slide deck feels too shallow and unfinished.

The biggest pain: References.

In terms of actual work for Blick, it’s been a successful week. On the one hand, I’m excited to be part of the ‘Product Board’ where we debate and decide over new products and refinements. On the other hand, the project Diamond got finally approved despite the challenging economic environment the media finds itself right now.

The approval has direct implications on features of our commenting functionality. Additionally, I can fill the open position we have on the team. I’m thrilled about it because we will be able to strengthen our work with the community. And, of course, because I believe that a bright mind more on the team will bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table.

This week, I learned (again)…

  • that I’ve to take some days off on a more regular basis. Those two weeks were just enjoyable and relaxing.
  • that I will have to think a lot more about my business transformation case. A colleague put it perfectly: “I’ve lost faith in publishers. But that doesn’t mean that journalism is dead.”