Work Notes #12

After I wrote last week’s work notes, I fled the apartment and spent a couple of days in the mountains. I couldn’t have made a better decision.

Not too bad, right?

Arriving in the refurbished farmer’s house, I realized how stressful these past weeks were. How fast time flew by. Up there, everything seemed to have a more relaxed pace. Unfortunately, this also concerned the internet connection. However, I still managed to work quite productively.

Workwise, there’s not much to report besides the usual stuff. Every project is pretty much on hold now since the coronavirus is hitting every industry hard and makes no exception for media companies. Publishers that rely on advertising estimate a 50 percent loss of their revenue. 

My biggest concern at the moment: How will this affect the open position in my team? Nevertheless, I’d understand the decision not to expand our team. It’s better not to hire than to fire. That’s a small sacrifice.

After my yearly performance review, I’m confident about the future. I feel that the community team will find a new continuity and can establish itself even more as a valuable asset to the whole enterprise.

One of my personal goals this year is to retract a bit from the daily business. In the last few days, I managed to do so and focus on managing the team, serving their needs, being the support system in the background. It’s a challenge, but one that I enjoy.

This week, I learned (again)…

  • …that I really miss the newsroom.
  • …that I’m generally a person that can deal with being alone. But after these three weeks working from home, I can also say that I appreciate the shared moments in person much more. Whatever our feelings towards loneliness are: We humans remain social animals that need real-world connections to feel psychologically safe.