Work Notes #1

Inspired by Tom Armitage, I decided to start this continuous journal. Mainly for myself to be honest.

So, what can you expect to read here? Well, I’m going to recap my work week, and maybe some personal development sometimes. I’m going to share what I accomplished and learned. Also, there might be projects that I cannot share any specifics about. However, I set out to write these notes every week on Friday – or on weekends.

The week just began, so I’ll start with the last one:

The first full week of 2020 was kind of a bumpy start. I had a couple of good meetings, that felt productive as well as furthering progress on several projects. Nevertheless, I got to face some difficult decisions as a leader regarding my team – and I was relieved that I had assistance from more experienced managers in the newsroom.

On Tuesday, I gave a one-day course on journalism in the digital space at the media school MAZ in Lucerne. This day is always a challenge because on one hand, the topic area is extremely broad and on the other hand, the students have very different levels of knowledge. The class was partly interested, partly skeptic, which led to some interesting ethical questions. However, I decided to overhaul my whole program once again to create a more engaging and relevant experience.

Hyper Island Class

From Thursday evening until Sunday, I’ve spent another weekend at Hyper Island in London. We’re pitching our ideas for AR applications to the start-up, got some critical perspective on digital technology by Dr. Wesley Goatley’s fantastic talk, and learned more about the agile transformation by Jiten Vara. And, of course, Tom Armitage delivered his insights on Cryptography. The campus days at Hyper Island are always exhausting but inspiring nonetheless.